San Francisco

We saved two days to visit the sites in San Francisco…and not being “city people” at heart, we compressed our visit into one day and enjoyed gliding over the surface of this city.

We started at the Ferry Building, which is a bright array of sites and smells for foodies from all over.  We shared tastes of this and that and realized for about the 100th time during this trip that we have very undeveloped palates…and are quite happy this way! 

We progressed to Chinatown, and after circling the area several times, decided to venture into the depths of this fascinating area on foot!  How fun to wander amongst the unusual sites and sounds…. and among these people who at first glance seem tiny and sweet, but also seem to store within them a mysterious and hard edge…

This was our favorite area of the day, and we purposely traveled away from the more touristy streets onto streets where we were the only caucasions within sight.  The shops were the most fun, and the meats, fruits and vegetables in bins along the sidewalk were often very interesting!

After soaking a bit in this other-worldly culture, we drove to Grace Cathedral. 

 Jim and I love to visit the old, great churches we find in other cities.  We found Grace Cathedral to be one of the least spiritually moving ones that we’ve seen, but were quite moved by the Interfaith AIDS Chapel.

This city is a city of clear diversity in beliefs…much different from traditional heartland values…but this chapel displays a portion of the handmade quilt that honors those who have lost love ones to this disease…and their thoughts were so heartfelt that tears came to our hearts and eyes…

Fisherman’s Wharf came next…and we wandered what essentially seemed like Cedar Point-without-the-numerous rides.  

We shared tastes of mini doughnuts that were hot and sugary, and ended by sharing a mini sourdough cheese pizza from Boudin’s, a well known sour dough bread factory.  Yum!  Ryan, you would have liked this one!

Off we drove as the air was chilling, the winds picking up, and the sun was setting.  We ended our visit to this famous city at its most famous site:  the Golden Gate Bridge.  Jim navigated us expertly to a little park that seemed known only to the locals.  Finally we were free from the pressing crowds of tourists and found ourselves at what seemed like the clearest view of the bridge that could exist!

Dad and I decided that our final picture of our San Francisco visit ought to be us together here!


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