Goodbye Monterey . . .


We checked out of our hotel this morning ….headed off to our big adventure!  Whale watching!

I was very thankful for meds from my dear doctor that stabilize my inner ear, for Dad and I love boats ( though we don’t have many chances to be on one!).  But with my occasional vertigo, I’d been leery of trying the lengthy whale tours available in Monterey.

Can I just say…God bless the trans-scop patch!  It helped me so much on the flight out and again made this fun morning with our giant aquatic friends possible!  Thanks SO MUCH for your prayers!

So off we went, bright and early, to board the Sea Wolf II  – a tour with a Marine biologist and naturalist onboard to fill us all in on what we would see.

We can show you more pics in person of the other creatures we saw, but we were excited that we DID get to see whales!  Humpbacks!  No breaching, but whales none-the-less, just meandering around the edge of the great underwater canyon that lies almost 2 miles below the surface of parts of Monterey Bay.

Dolphins, sunfish, seals and sea lions completed the day…..UNTIL…..yes!……the Oceanic Research team a bit farther out radioed the Sea Wolf to let us know that they had a Blue Whale in their vicinity.  So off we went in chase…

Our naturalist explained that the Blue whales would be much harder to see, for they’re more low key, don’t reveal much of their bodies, stay underwater much longer, and swim faster……so no one knew if we’d actually get to view the largest animal on the face of the earth….an endangered specie that few get to ever witness.

But there was the larger blow!  Yes!  He’d come up right next to our boat!!  Much longer and only showing a skinny portion of his back… but WITH us!!  What a behemoth!

All rushed to that side of the boat… and as we tipped precariously toward our giant friend, he slid silently by… and disappeared mysteriously again, just as he’d arrived.

After four hours of searching, we arrived back at port, ate a bit of fried calamari to celebrate our sea venture… and tired and humble, started off north to Half Moon Bay.

Thank you Father for creating this beautiful area….we’ve been beyond blessed to get to explore it and share it a bit…. a gift so undeserved….


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  1. Abby said,

    July 12, 2008 at 8:19 pm

    So I think I want a big copy of that vertical picture of the sunset over the rocks…REALLY BIG size!! 🙂 Like the ones in your living room from TN. Grandpa and Sherri have been following your blog and are just in love with it all…and are just awed by your pictures Daddy…you really are SOO talented!! 🙂 I can’t wait to see all the rest of the pictures and I can’t WAIT to pick you up at the airport tomorrow!! Have a FABULOUS last day and don’t miss out on any last adventures!! Ryan and I are off to Caleb & Julie’s wedding in 3 hours…:) LOVE YOU!! xoxoxo

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